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Philippe founded Echelon Air in 2018, following a career with Cirrus Aircraft in their sales team. He recognised the need for more personalised ownership services that put the client at the centre of their own aviation narrative.

Having grown up in several countries around the world, Philippe first soloed at 16 years of age, and quickly fell in love, progressing through his various ratings and diving into a career in aviation. After a few years instructing he stopped flying to focus on other pursuits before returning to this passion, first as a consultant, then in sales and instructing roles.

Philippe believes in everybody's potential to succeed in private aviation and gets the biggest motivation from seeing a client's small successes.


Martin recently joined Echelon Air to take on the role of Chief Flight Instructor. 

He has spent the past 11 years in the United Arab Emirates working as both CFI and Head of Training for airline cadet pilots. He later moved to Etihad Airways where he flew the Airbus 320 and Boeing 787. It didn't take him long to realise how much he would miss instructing. 


Prior to pursuing his career in aviation, he worked in IT for British Telecoms with weekends spent flying recreationally. 


Martin is keen to see General Aviation adapt to the 21st century and become more accessible to anyone who wishes to pursue their dream of flying.


The SR20 is the backbone of our training fleet equipped with Cirrus Perspective+ avionics. It's the safest, most advanced piston aircraft in general aviation, and has the all the comfort needed for those longer training flights.

The G6 SR20 is perfect for all your basic training.


Get the highest fidelity in your training with the approved Cirrus simulator, with a functioning CAPS handle and full failure modes. Learn how to navigate the Garmin avionics, or seek recurrency training with the efficiency that a simulator offers.

Details on the approval of the simulator can be found here.

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